Basis for digital transformation of industrial assets
BIMeister solutions ensure sustainable development of industrial facilities
Engineering data management system for a comprehensive transformation of the facilities
Keeping track of the equipment's breakdowns and failures Reduction of operating expenses
Eliciting extraordinary situations and deficiencies of equipment at an early stage
Quality control in construction and installation with a single digital space for all parties

BIMeister combines information from all sources, from paper archives to sensor readings in a single information model

It allows to create a digital twin and automate business processes at all stages of the enterprise lifecycle

BIMeister Digital Ecosystem

With BIMeister you get
A quick report on the actual
status of your industrial asset
Emergency risk
Operating profit
Safety improvement
at the facilities
Авторский надзор
Workforce productivity
task control
Major result-oriented players
on the market trust us
Our partners
Key IT companies, design companies and
system integrators are our partners
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